Good news! These delicate dried daisy wreaths are finally going to be back in stock soon. After making them for the first time a year ago, they were an instant hit with customers. But unfortunately shortly after making a first batch, I couldn’t get my hands on anymore daisies… until NOW! I’ve found a new supplier and fingers crossed within a couple of weeks I will be in the studio surrounded by a cloud of them.

In other news, I have spent the last week being a little ruthless in the garden. I’ve decided I’m ripping out the generic uninteresting evergreen shrubs which are taking up the limited sunny spots we have and replacing them with my favourite shrub rose (Margaret Merril) and mock orange. I will probably regret it in the winter when the garden looks barren but I’m desperate for beds full of flowers and scent.

My one cutting bed is now fit to burst with tulips. I’m so excited to see all the colours en-mass but it will be short-lived as they will be used in my ‘garden bouquets’. At least I know its a good patch for growing bulbs/flowers, now to decide what to replace all the tulips with for the summer months. I’m thinking dahlias, especially as I potted up all the tubers this weekend. They are currently sitting in rows in front of the french doors in the dining room, so as soon as there are signs of life, I will be eager to get them in the garden.