We’re on the cusp of ‘newness’. Firstly my first blog post in over a year, so I’ve hit the Refresh button and starting from scratch. But I feel this is the perfect time, Spring is officially a couple of days away and there is energy and life all around, including (dare I say it, in me as well). I started running a couple of weeks ago. Nothing too demanding but I’ve set my goals on one 5km run a week and so far I’ve managed to stick to it. I can’t say I love pounding the trails in the local forest but afterwards I feel a real sense of achievement and energy rush! So, with the gradually improving weather, I’m going to push myself to keep at it.

Secondly, it always seems a long time coming, but the days are getting longer! Waking up to daylight and finishing the working day with a trip to the beach feels much needed after a lockdown winter. We’re slowly coming out of hibernation at the best time of year. I love a walk around the garden with a cuppa first thing, checking what has sprouted in the greenhouse and seeing bulbs pop up in the flower beds. There are Primroses under the hedges and Narcissus unraveling. This weekend I’m hoping to film a ‘how to make a living wreath’ tutorial, whereby I attach whole bulbs to a moss base and add foliage and water tubes for fresh flowers. They last several weeks if kept moist, just like a Christmas wreath.

Finally, Gardeners World is back on the TV. Who doesn’t love Monty? His gentle manner and passion for plants re-ignites my own love for growing flowers and gardening. I currently have trays and trays of home sown annuals dotted in various rooms around the house and a large bed of tulips grown specifically for cutting. Watch this space!